London Hong Kong (東海) – Heathrow

I have review the 02 branch (東海-02-centre/) they use to have but unfortunately it has now closed. The only one left is their Heathrow branch which is only a few minutes drive from Heathrow airport. It is great convenient if you arrived back in London and need dinner to feed your stomach.

I do not get many opportunity to dine at London Hong Kong due to it being far as Heathrow. But the other day I got the opportunity to have dinner there.

It was already 9pm when we arrive and the restaurant was still busy for the beginning of the week. So we had to wait a few minutes to be seated with a table.

We started with a starter  seafood which was chef special of the day. It was fresh and yummy but only enough to have one each.

The standard of the quality of the food still there and it did not disappoint. We ordered 1/2 baked chicken with garlic (cannot remember the exact name!) and the chicken was cooked just right. The meat was still moist even the chicken breast. I am always worry in calling chicken breast because it tend to be so dry. But this was perfectly cooked.

We also call a chef special of the evening – Shanghai stir-fried rice cake. This really my eyes in how else you can cook rice cake as the only one is how Korean cook them using chilli paste. Another dish that was a favourite of the night.

We finished it off with a Chinese tofu dessert…yummy!

London Hong Kong restaurant (東海) – Heathrow
388 Bath Road
West Drayton


2 thoughts on “London Hong Kong (東海) – Heathrow

  1. 1. Vegetarian meals are much more expensive than in the menu. They specified it in 5 different menus, so you are completely confused and on the and you get the receipt with bigger prices.
    2. Beef was not tender, everything was very oily
    3. 10% for service written with small letters on menu is impossible to see when you are hungry.
    4.You cant take your receipt, I had to ask about copy and specification.
    5. Staff mostly don’t understand English, you can see a lot of staff but they don’t see you….
    6.The bill was twice bigger than I supposed
    7. Reading opinions on different sites I see how they focus on money….but not giving proper service instead

    • Thank you for your comments. I have not visit the restaurant for a long time since it is out of my way. But the times I visit there I have never had any problems although I have never taken a receipt. But I have been to restaurants where we could not take the receipt and had to separately get a copy.

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