I am a bit late in writing this as Mid-Autumn Festival has just passed. But I have not had the chance to sit down lately to write this entry which I really want to share with you all.

Around about September/October it is Mid-Autumn Festival or as Chinese would call it 中秋節! It is the time when lanterns are lit and the time when we can eat mooncakes. It is actually the only season when shops will be selling mooncakes.

Traditionally mooncakes are made with lotus seeds inside with an egg yolk in the middle. But as the years gone by there have been many variety of mooncakes to cater for the modern age has been introduced.

This year I have got to taste so many different type of mooncakes, even homemade mooncakes. They were brought over to us in a box which inside had 4 warm mooncakes – 2 lotus seeds and 2 pandan flavoured mooncakes. It is the first time to have heard or tasted pandan mooncakes. It had the texture of the traditional lotus seeds mooncakes but just the flavouring was more on the coconut milk side. There was even an egg yolk which I was actually told it is not a real egg yolk. But made as a substitute to using an egg yolk.

With health becoming an important issue now a day and mooncakes is actually quite high in sugar and cholestreols. There are now low sugar mooncakes and also no popular among the younger generation  is snowy mooncakes. These are shaped like the traditional mooncakes but the ingredient used are different. If you even had mochi or mochi ice cream then it is similar.


Snowy mooncakes has even more flavours such as black sesame, green tea, mango & sago, strawberry and even durian. For those not sure what durian is – this is a type of fruit that you commonly find in Asia. It has a distinct smell which some people love and some people hate.

I bought a box just with durian flavoured snowy mooncakes this year. They come individually wrap in pairs and just open one of this package you can smell the ‘wonderful’ fragrance of durian (some will disagree and think it stink).

Even eating a piece it is full of durian flavour. So if you are a fan of durian and snowy mooncakes then this is one to try!

As mooncakes only appear in shops when it is mid-autumn festival. I will have to wait until next year to indulge in more 🙂


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