Jamie’s Italian (Canary Wharf)

A friend birthday has given be the wonderful opportunity to try out Jamie’s Italian. This is the TV famous chef Jamie Oliver newest business venture and his first restaurant to be open in London Canary Wharf. In the financial business area he has introduce another branch of what is an authentic and affordable Italian restaurant.

You do not have to book because it has a no booking policy. We did not have to wait too long, about half an hour and it went by quickly buying drink from the bar and chatting in the reception area. You will get a little gadget that will vibrate to tell you your table is ready.

The restaurant was buzzing with people and many people in their suit which I would assume are many who work around the area. The restaurant decoration remind me being at one of those ‘posh’ organic supermarket, with these vegetable boxes on shelve – looks so fresh.

We did not order any starters but the antipasti would make a nice choice to try out. They come out on a wooden board that is pop on top peeled tomatoes tins. Instead we went straight for the main ordering some pasta and grills.

I ordered the Beautiful Bucatini Carbonara, which was nice. It was different to the normal carbonara you have in a typical Italian restaurant. The pasta was different as well, it had a sort of crispy texture.
Beautiful Bucatini Carbonara

But the pasta that was the best has to be the prawn linguini which was cooked in a tomatoes chilli sauce. Everyone on the table would not disagree that this was delicious. I have to give this lots of stars!

The pasta on the menu come in two size – small or large. The small is around a size for a starter and the large is the size of a main.

For the grills we had the Lamb chops lollipop, which according to the menu was Welsh lamb chops. We got 3 lollipop lamb chops which was grilled beautiful. Although some might think it was a bit too rare and need to be cooked a bit more. As well coming with some salad on top there are also 3 little dishes to go with it – a minted sauce, soft herbs and some chopped roasted nuts (I thought it was breadcrumbs!).
Lamb Chops Lollipop

Also we tried the Good Old Grilled Steak it was called. With the choice of having rib eye steak or the sirlon steak. We went for the 10oz rib eye steak.
Good Old Grilled Steak - 10oz British Rib eye

To go with the grill we decide to try the side dishes and what best would be chips. But there was 3 different type of chips and as we could not decide which on to go for we ordered all of them. Starting from the left we have Funky chips, Crispy Polenta chips and then the Posh truffle chips. We were so catched by the name on the menu to try it “Posh truffle chips insanely good with truffle oil and parmesan, proper posh!”
Variety of chips

Then my favouraite part of any my course is dessert! We was lucky to get the last portion of “Our Special Tiramisu” of the night. I had saved my stomach to try this and it was not disappointing. Love it!
Our Special Tiramisu

The prices off food on their menu is not that expensive. Jamies’ pasta for the large size is an average  price that you would see in an average Italian restaurant. We each had a pasta and called two grills to share. Then two desserts to share. It came up about £25 per person including drinks and I walked home feeling full.

Jamie’s Italian (Canary Wharf)
Unit 17
2 Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5RB



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