Japan Matsuri Festival 2009

On Saturday I spent the day at the Japan Matsuri festival that was held in London Spitalfields. It was to celebrate Japan culture, art and craft and food.

There was a range of market stalls selling many things to capture the Japanese culture, such as Kimonos, Japanese books including Manga, Japanese kitchenware etc.

Also not to forget the range of food stall selling lots of Japanese snacks – Yakitori (Japanese skewers), Takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls), Okiomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Yaki-Soba, JFC (Japanese fried chicken), sushi, Katsu pork sandwiches, Katsu curry rice etc. The list is endless just so many food that you would see if you walk in a Japanese food market. When the sun went down and the market stall was still buzzing with people it gave me that feeling of walking in the market near Senjio Temple in Japan.

The queue was long for any of the stalls selling food. Although I managed to get in the crowd to buy some Takoyaki which I have not had a long time. But these were not made as you would see in Japan or HK where they cook it on a grilled pan that is used to cook Takoyaki, which love watching them turn the balls over to cook the other side. I suppose if they did  not deep fry them the queue would be even longer to get some Takoyaki. But they were still yummy 😀

There was also a wishing tree that was set up near the canopy stage, where people could but their wishes on tanzaku paper and hang them on the tree. Many children writing their own wishes using a range of colour pens and also glitters. Range of wishes included – “I wish 4 Love + Peace”, “I wish for a Really good car”……

 Throught the day there was full of performance to watch on the three stages which included range of Japanese cultural performance such as bon dancers, martial arts and drummers. Also during the afternoon on the main stage there was a Japan’s version X-Factor called J-Factor. When the sun went down there was Japanese singer and also a band ‘Hanjiro’ which was my favourite part of the event. It gave a music gig feeling with a range of people from different culture tapping along to the music.

Many people I spoke to never thought it would be so many people. Well I did not either expect to be such a big turn out of people. It is great to have a festival with loads of people but bit too much that cause over crowded can be so frustrated ^@^

Overall it was a great day out for everyone whatever age or culture.



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