Hakuba is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that is situated on a side road of Tottenham Court Road. Only a few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road.


As a contemporary Janapese restaurant then of course you get the contempory interior as well. It does make a great place to celebrate with friends such as birthdays. There are individual tables like it little own cubical which you can get your own privacy 🙂

Hukuba sushi

You can order range of sushi and hot dishes from the main menu, or like me try out the pre-theatre which is serve till 7:30pm for the price of £19.90. In it you start with the Scallop summit – Hakuba south beach maki with scallops (shown above). It comes with a mayonnaise sauce with a mix of soya sauce. It is very fusion and not to everyone’s taste. But it was to my taste and different.


For the main course you have a choice of 3 different dishes – Hakuba pork rib, Salmon teriyaki and Grilled chicken teriyaki. Which all came with rice and miso soup. I went for the salmon teriyaki which I find odd because it came on a bed of mashed potatoes. I think it was nice as a dish on its own and personally feel it does not go with rice.

Desserts there is choice of  Chawan (green tea flavoured creme brulee) or Sabayon (rich chocolate dessert). I had the Chawan which I was not fond. It was creme brulee straight out of the fridge. The Sabayon would had a better choice which was like a chocolate fudge cake that came with ice cream, fruits and chocolate sauce.

As for my first visit, it was disappointing in both service and the quality of the food. Maybe I was expecting too much from Hakuba.

111a Great Russell Street



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