All Bar One (Waterloo)

As a celebration of our hard work over the summer, manager took us on a London Duck Tour for the afternoon. A 75 minutes of a tour of London famous landmarks by both road and river. It is not any old bus, it actually is also a boat.

After the tour we went to All Bar One to have a celebration drink. Well having been low on alcohol these day, I thought I try one of their smoothies on their menu. There was a choice of  Strawberry & Bananas, Mixed Berry or Mango, Pineapple & Passion Fruit. I was going to go for Strawberry & Bananas but was told that they was sold out. So instead went for the Mango Pineapple & Passion Fruit. But it was no way was it a smoothie as I watched her make my drink. It was more of a juice drink which taste like orange juice. Of course it did because she poured in at least half of glass of orange juice to make this so called Mango, pineapple & passion fruit drink.

I suppose being in a bar you should be drinking wine, beer or a fizzy drink. But not a smoothies 😛

The smoothies was disappointing but the food made it all up. Unlike your average pub menu, you have a range of tapas dishes to choose from. It makes it a great options when meeting friends for a drink and want a light snack to share.

From the tapas menu I choice the mini fish cakes and calamari to try. Both was nice and better than the average pub food you get. However it is hard to know until I try out their mains.


If you have a big hungry stomach then they also have mains such as steaks, fish, gammon steak etc. There are also a selection of skewers as well burgers which apparently state on the menu as homemade. I have got to try out more of the food when I get the opportunity because they do sound interesting.

The atmosphere of All Bar One in Waterloo was quite pleasant as it was not too much of a pub but it also had a bar kinda feel with it. I am not a pub fan, as I find it a bit cramp and stuffy. A bar with a classy feel is more my type of atmosphere 😀

All Bar One (Waterloo)
1 Chicheley Street,


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