TOKU Restaurant

Toku is a Japanese restaurant in London which I would categorise on my list to be a good casual Japanese restaurant to dine – whether it to have lunch or go there  after work  to meet up with friends or boyfriend to have dinner.

The restaurant used to be on the ground floor of what was called Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus. But since Japan Centre has moved to next door, Toku restauranthas taken the whole building and now there are two floors of table space.

Toku restaurantoffers a range of sushi, rice don and noodle dishes to choose, at affordable price. Although I find that it is slightly more expensive then other Japanese resturant in London euch as Ten Ten Tai ( But there are food at Tokuwhich are worth paying a little extra for 🙂

The sushi at Toku are good because I find it fresher then other affordable Japanese restaurant around London. When I come to Toku then I would usually order my favourite Salmon and Ikura don, which is rice served in bowl with raw salmon and Ikura topped with ginger and spring onions.  Pour some soya sauce that you get with it and then mix it up – ready to eat! Oishii!

Salmon & Ikura don

The restaurants put lots of emphasise on the quality of product they use are organic and all about eating healthy. I even remember they had in their menu a page about the water they use on some filter system.

Toku Restaurants
212 Piccadilly,
London W1J 9HX


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