Ten Ten Tai

Ten Ten Tai is a Japanese restaurant that I have been going since when I was studying A-Level (now that was a long time ago!). I still remember the first time I went was with one of my friend that study A-Level with me, we ordered one of Ten Ten Tai’sset dinner each. We could finish with the big bowl of rice we got with it, that we stuff some of our food under the rice to make it looked like we have eatten half of the set dinner ^.* But the set dinner is a lot of food for two girls who did not have a large stomach…..

Every now and so often Ten Ten Taiwill be one of my casual restaurant to go and have Japanese food. As it serve more traditional Japanese food and it is quite cheap to fill a stomach.

On a Friday and Saturday you could see yourself queuing up for a table. But as like in Japan the restaurants is small. There are two floors so not very small, with tables near the sushi bar upstairs. But I prefer to sit downstairs like many as it feels more cosy.

They have a range of set dinner, which comes with starters, main and dessert. But if you do not have such a large stomach then their are variety rice dons, noodles and sushi sets to choose from. You get to choose on some of the dons and noodle to have small or paying a bit extra to go for large. Usually the large usually means more rice or udon.

At TenTen Tai I prefer their rice dons and noodle more then their sushi. If sushi then I prefer other places which will share with you when I get the chance.

My favourite udon is the one that comes in a stone bowl (unfortunately I cannot remember the name but when I see the word I know its the the udon in a stone bowl). The udon soup come with some tempura, Japaneses fish slice and a egg. Oishii!


My other favourite it the cold soba with tempura, which is lovely to have in the summer. It is not as good as the ones you get in Japan but it is the closet you can get when you in London.
Cold Soba Tempura

Ten Ten Tai
56 Brewer Street,


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