If you fancy a SNOG, you can now grab one at Westfield shopping centre where they have open a new branch in there.

I have always fancy getting a SNOG and I thought as the weather was nice to have something cool. So tried out a SNOG šŸ™‚

Chocolate SNOG

SNOG is a pure frozen yogurt with three flavour to try – Natural snog, Green Tea snog or chocolate snog. I asked a taster of the green tea and the chocolate snog. First impression is that when it say pure frozen yogurt it really does taste like yogurt – nothing like Italian ice cream that is claimed to be made out of yogurt and taste like ice cream.

You first choose which type of snog you want. Then the size and topping you want to go with you snog. I choice the little chocolate snog and Oreo cookies topping.

I was going to go for green tea snog but when I tried the tester it was weird – plain yogurt with a hint of green tea flavour. It was weird and not really my cup of tea. The chocolate was the best one. But as I am not a big fan of yogurt then SNOG is really not for my taste bud.


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