Shanghai Blues

I finally get to try Shanghai Blues which is situated in Holborn, London. I booked a table for someones birthday dinner on toptable to take up the 30% offer that they had.

When I arrived at the restaurant I was told that there was no table booked for 6 people and it took 10 minutes before they told me that they managed to find my booking in their system somewhere ^.*  It was frustrated but also worrying that they would not be able to find the booking and it would have spoilt the birthday dinner. Did not give me a great first impression (although was it toptable or the restaurant fault?!) but it did not deduct too much points, as they provided us some snacks while we waited for them to find my booking.

The resturant was smaller then I thought it was and it was quieter then places like Hakkasan and Yauatcha. I think with all the laughther we were having on our table, we made the most noise 🙂

We started with ordering drinks, from the restaurants different selection of tea e.g. 10 years Pu Er and also lost of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. I ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail, the Mangdada, which contained lychee, raspberries and cream, which all mix together gave it a fruity refreshing drink.

For food, we ordered half of Barbecued Pi-Pa Duck, which was the favourite dish of the evening. It was slightly different to having crispy aromatic duck. Instead of pancake, it was served on shanghai bread. The waiter did all the work in spreading hoi-sin sauce and adding spring onions & cucumbers on top of the shanghai bread. Then finish it of with a slice of duck.

Along with that we ordered a few dishes –  Shanghai ‘Three Marinades’ Chicken (chicken fillets in soy sauce, brown sugar & Chinese wine),  Shanghai Devil (marinated lamb with Shanghai spices, salt & pepper, wok-fried), Supreme Steamed To-fu (with scallop paste, Alaskan king crab meat, massgo & egg sauce), Sea Bass Steamed with Ginger & Spring Onions, Mouthwatering Sichuan Chicken (shredded chicken served with cucumber in fragrant Sichuan chilli oil, contains sesame & peanuts, served chilled) and all served with steamed rice.

As a girl, even having a filling main course there is always room for desserts. We all choice something each to indulge in and to share. Our dessert choices included the chocolate fondant with praline & jasmine tea ice-cream, Yuan-yang delights glutinous rice cake with custard & red bean paste coated with grated coconut, Red bean and ‘Quan Fa’ tea flavoured pudding, Tropical cake with passion fruit jelly with plum sauce & pistachio nut and Jackfruit cheesecake.

I had the red bean and ‘quan fa’ tea flavoured pudding which was very sweet. I thought it was too much as a dessert for one person to have. It made it better as a dessert sweet to share.  Both I and friend was disappointed with our dessert because we could not taste the ‘quan fa’ tea flavoured.

The dessert of the evening would be the tropical cake with passion fruit jelly with plum sauce & pistachio nuts. The name of the dessert really did not show how nice this dessert was. But it was the table favourite.

Over all the food was OK – the dish name sound exciting but when it come out it was nothing special. The service was up and down. It felt rushed and in the middle of our dessert a waiter came up to apologies to ask if we could moved to the bar because the next party has arrived and needed the table. However, they agreed that we could finish our dessert before moving. But after finishing we thought just pay the bill and go.

It cost us £27 per person in total with the 30%  offer we had. I think without it then I would considered to be worth dining then.

(Thank you Emily for taking the photos that evening)

Shanghai Blues
193-197 High Holborn
London, WC1V 7BD
020 74041668


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