McDonald’s Cornetto McFlurry

Today’s weather was nice for an ice cream. I have been wanting to try McDonald’s Cornetto McFlurry range and get the opportunity to today.

There are three flavours to choose from, just like you do with the Cornetto cones. You can choose from Chocolate, Mint Chocolate or Strawberry sauce flavour. I went for the Mint Chocolate, which was my favourite cornetto flavour when I was younger.

McDonald's Cornetto Mint Choc McFlurry

It was dairy ice cream with  mint chocolate bits and little pieces of the Cornetto cone waffle. Mix it all together and it does taste just like a Cornetto cone ice cream.

However, it was the same as ripping open the wrapping of a Cornetto cone. Starting from the top of chocolate and ice cream. Then working your way down to the cone waffle, where you will finish with the bottom of the cone that always have a big block of chocolate inside it.


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