FEBO (Dutch fast-food chain)

FEBO is a Dutcht food chain restaurant, which you can variety of Dutch speciality such as krokets (like potatoes croquette) and frinkadellen.

What so different about this fast food chain is that you have automatic vending machine. It is like an oven with food inside. All you do is put some money in the food you want that is inside this heated oven and out open your food.


You can a variety of food from the automatic vending machine but there are some that you will need to get from the counters such as drinks. But imagine wanting some snacks on your way home and want to beat the queue then it is the automatic vending machine.

I went to FEBO to try out the Chicken-frinkdale which my cousin said is the only place that does chicken made frinkdale. This is a dutch sausage which is normal made out of mixed processed meats but FEBO is the one place they sell Chicken-frinkdale. She said the only place she would get her frinkledale from to eat!



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