The Westin Rotterdam Hotel

I have recently just come back from a short trip in Holland to attend a wedding. While there I tried to make the most of my time there to do have a look around the area. The first thing when arrived in Holland was to check out my 5 stars hotel. The one and only 5 stars hotel in Rotterdam.


The reception was nothing to be waoh about but once you walk-in you can smell the sense of White Tea that they use throughout the hotel. Even the hotel shower gel and body creams uses white tea aloe.

The overall hotel was modern, which suit me great. It has that new apartments feel that you see nowadays.


The bed are exactly what they called  “Heavenly Bed” after a long journey or a long tiring day wearing heels for the wedding, these bed make it so comfortable to relax and unwind. A great combinations to the sense of white tea aloe ^v^


The customer services from the staff was friendly but for the price I paid at a 5 stars hotel I expect to be provided with good service. There is one small point which deduct one point for me and that there was no toothbrush (what they called dental care pack). In the hotel information book, if you have forgotten any essential items like shower caps, toothbrush or  toothpaste etc you can call their express service to provide you with them. In the evening having seen the shower head was high and not adjustable that we requested for a shower cap, but never arrived that evening with two calls. I called again in the morning and added a toothbrush, it took a few hours (in which we had got changed for the wedding and had breakfast) before reception called to say that they had ran out of dental care pack but someone will be coming shortly to provide the shower caps. In the whole hotel they had ran out of dental care pack @_@

But apart from that one small point I had a comfortable stay, with a great room. It would have been great to have stayed a few more days sleeping in their heavenly beds 🙂

It is difficult to find places that are open for breakfast in Rotterdam and thought it made a great opportunity to try out the hotel restaurant VIS that serves buffet breakfast. It was an expensive breakfast, so in order to make the most you got to eat as much to make it all worth while. There were a range of food, hot and cold.

In the hot section there was choice of scramble or boil eggs, sausages, bacons, mushrooms, baked beans and potatoes.

There was a range of breads and rolls that you can toast, with range of jams and spreads to go with it. It keep it with a dutch feel because you got chocolate sprinkles/flakes (Chocolade hagelslag). In Holland they use them to put on bread to have for breakfast.


The sweetness of the Dutch goes on with a selection of cakes and croissants.


In the cold selection their is a range of antipasti and cheese. For me it was really too early, more for lunch or as a starter for dinner.


Although a slight hip cups with toothbrush it was a pleasant stay at The Westin Rotterdam.


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