I remember discovering this place last year and was excited to be able to discover a restaurant that specialised in Japanese Yakitori. At the time there was two branch, one in Soho and one in the London XO building. Both had it own feel in atmosphere with the one in the XO building providing a wonderful river view and thought we go there for the view the other day. Sadly, it has now been closed. Therefore, we went to their one and only Bincho in Soho.

We ordered the seven samurai which had seven of Bincho recommended yakitori – Negima (chicken and spring onion), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Buta (pork belly), Sake (salmon), Aspara (asparagus), Shitake (shitake mushroom) and Ebi (tiger prawn). I could not see asparagus but instead a skewer stick with chilli (although I was told it was not spicy at all).

As well as yakitori they also have hot and cold non-yakitori dishes. We ordered grilled aubergine which taste and had a texture like sweet potatoes. Also tofu with Kimchee which was my favourite of the evening.

They also have rice dishes which accompany well with the variety of meat, seafood and vegetable yakitori. There are plain steamed rice, Ninniku chahan (buttered rice with garlic), Yasai yaki meshi (fried rice with Japanese vegetables) or Oyako don (Chicken and egg with spring onions).  Try something ore Japanese the Yaki-onigiri (grilled rice cake with seaweed) but not as filling as a bowl of rice.

Do not miss out the desserts at Bincho, especially the Soya milk doughnuts which is my favourite. Yummy Yummy!!! As we wanted all the desserts on the list we called all four of the dessert on the menu, so as well as the soya milk doughnuts we also had the baked chocolate with roasted almond ice cream, banana cake with green tea ice cream and also the Yuzu pancacotta.

The Yuzu pancaotta was the weirdest one out of the all, which was served with biscuts. The pancaotta had the texture of cream cheese that came straight out the fridge. It had a bitter fragance taste……orange peel taste.

This is a nice place to meet up after work and relax eating Yakitori along sipping Sake.

Bincho (Soho)
16 Old Compton Street


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