A Toca

Yesterday met up with friends that I have not seen since a long time. Although had to work on a Saturday, I thought it would be nice to meet up with them and one of them suggested to a nice Portuguese restaurants in Stockwell.

A cosy restaurant which is 10 minutes walk form Stockwell underground station. They produce nice authentic portugese food from starters, main and desserts. We ordered a lot of food not knowing that their portions was large. As well as stuffing ourself with the bread basket on the table which you have the choice to serve with butter, tuna pate or sardine pate.

For starters we ordered a squid salad – the squid was so squshy and an antipasto. My best was the mains which we ordered a seafood rice which we were told was for 2 people. But defintely can feed more at the size of the pot….a big deep pot. If it was only two people eatting I think just calling the seafood rice would be enough.

We also tried on the pork skewers and to my surprise it was not tasteless tough grilled pork. This was very nice and went well with what with ordered.

Also, we ordered a t-bone steak, this was huge and came with a separate rice, and chips. This was definetly not for one person to eat as the steak was almost the size of a plate.
My two favouraite dishes was a shredded fish dish which was yummy. Then a grilled squid dish which taste more like chicken. But it taste nice.

For desserts we ordered a few portuguese desserts. But I went for a Vacky – children ice cream. Hahaha….you get to eat and take a cute toy home. Hahaha.

A Toca
343 Wandsworth Road,

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