Whole Foods Market (High St Kensington)

This place was a gem, when my friend first took me to it back in October. It was amazing because it was full of food. The Whole Foods Market, is like a supermarket…well I would call it a ‘posh’ supermarket. You will find brands that are from overseas, so it is not the usual things that you find at Asda or Sainsbury. It really based on selling high quality natural and organic products.

However, what was a gem about this place is that hey have this big salad bar and also a big hot food bar. Even after so many months since I last been there, I still can picture it. It was WOAH…..I have seen salad bars but not hot food bars.

What I like this place is that you can buy food from the salad/hot bar and then take them upstairs, where there is a mini food court. There you find even more food, where you have the choice of Sushi, Italian ice cream, European food and my favourite is the Burritos that is sold there.

You can choose either the soft or hard wrap burritos. But I recommend the hard wrap, which is like a bowl. Then you get to choose the filling to go with it which caters for both vegetarian and meat eater.

I had spicy chicken, brown rice, red beans, lettuce, sour cream, gachomone, salsa, cheese and coriander. It was delicious and did filled me up.

Hard wrap burritos

But when I see Italian ice cream and with so many flavours – red apples, passion fruits, chocolate chip and hazelnuts……how can I not try. Girls just love desserts 😉

Whole Foods Market (Kensington)
The Barkers Building,
63-97 Kensington High Street
W8 5SE



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