Princi (Italian bakery) – London

After work on Friday I had an urge to try out Princi which I been long-ing to as it has Alan Yau name tagged to it. The Alan Yau who name is associated to Hakkasan, Yauatcha, Cha Cha Moon…..Now Princi a Italian bakery which is a joint venture of the creator of Princi.

I have gone pass it a few times seeing a brightly lit bakery buzzing with people. It was no different when I went in. Finding a seat was difficult, as it was big but not many seats were available. It was already seated by people who had just finished work.

The seats against the wall had a long fountain with water pouring out from pipes. It was cool concept and I was staring how clever the water never spill out, as it was reaching to the top.
Princi Bakery water deco

There was a long glass counter laid out with food. Starting near the doors was breads and croissants. Then loads of desserts such as various cheesecakes and mousse. After it was savory food of various pizzas and pastry. Follow about choice of salad. At a separate back counter was where you can order drinks including wine. Also I saw a little glass counter that had food such as hot food like soup, lasague etc. But they did not look hot at all, as there was no steam.

The pizza was cold as well, although I order a perperoni pizza that they just brought out from the oven, so that was warm. But the little pastry roll with ham and cheese was cold. I prefer my pizza was hot or at least warm.
Princi's pepperoni pizzaPrinci's ham and chesse pastry roll

It did not come cheap buying food from Princi. As for a slice of pizza and little ham & cheese pastry roll (that you get 3) all came to £4.50 and this exclude drinks.

Separately, I brought a slice of passhionfruit cheesecake to take away for £4, but if you not a big eater then you can share it. It smell and taste strong of passionfruit. It was a light soft cheesecake like a mousse with a lovely biscuit layer which had a hint of ginger. (The photo look huge but actually it is much smaller!)
Princi's Passionfruit cheese cake

My next opportunity I will want to try the other desserts including the Pistachio mousse. It had disappeared when I went to get some dessert for takeaway!

I did not feel the service was that good, it took some time to get someone attention to serve you. So you could be standing for some time before someone notice that you want to buy something!

However, this is a great place to order food to share and just meet up with friends to chat, if seats are available – so make sure you find a seat before ordering your food.

135 Wardour Street,


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