Caffe Concerto (Westfield shopping centre)

I have been pass Caffe Concerto many times when shopping in Westfield shopping centre. I love just having a look at the cakes that they have on displayed. But never got the chance to taste the cakes until this one day when I was craving for cakes.


I bought a slice of the strawberry gateaux and chocolate cake to try. They look pretty but does it taste as good as it look?

The strawberry garteaux was quite sweet for my taste, which I thought was the strawberry jelly that was used to glazed the strawberry on top. But I think it was the overall cake, inlcuding the fresh cream……

The chocolate cake was more to my taste as it was not as as sweet. On top I thought it was a crispy white chocolate, but I think it was more like marzipan. The side was covered with white chocolate flake. The top layer was fresh cream and the middle was like butter cream.

Chocolate cream cake

Caffe Concerto
K2004, The Balcony
Westfield Shopping Centre,
Ariel Way
London W12 7GE


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