Wedding Banquet @ China Boulevard (福滿樓)

I am going to share with you something a bit different, so moving a way from food review.

On Sunday, I attended a wedding banquet at China Boulevard (福滿樓) in Wandsworth. The restaurant is beside the river, with residential apartments around it. 

As with a typical Chinese banquet, every table was covered in red table cloth. The table we were sitting on was not level on top, as I think the waiter(s) who placed the table cloth did not take the round turn table on top (unless they could not take it off!), so glass with filled drink was being spilt a few times! The whole setting with the French style wooden chairs, gave it a beach feel to it….! It was a mix of a tradition and modern Chinese wedding.

There was a menu on each table that had a list of wedding events listed in English and also the food menu for the Chinese Banquet written both in English and Chinese. The wedding events included Wedding Games, Karaoke, Bouquet, Photos, Cake cutting, First Dance and Carriages.

Unlike with many Chinese banquets I have been, guests do not usually get wedding gifts. So I was so exciting to see that we all got a little gold box. Inside contained a heart shaped milk chocolate and a lucky charm with the design of the four leaf clover. The lucky charm had attached to it a little rolled up paper that explained the meaning of four leaf clover in both Chinese and English.

Wedding gifts

Gold wedding gift box

“The three leaf clover, or shamrock, is a traditional Irish symbol. On average, only 1 in every 100,000 has four leaves. Legend has it, if you find a four leaf clover you will possess the precious qualities each of the four heart-shaped leaves represent Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.  This is why the four leaf clover is internationally recognised as a good luck charm.”

China Boulevard (福滿樓)
1 The Boulevard,
Smugglers Way
SW18 1DE,


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