London Hong Kong Resturant (東海) – 02 Centre

It has been a while since I have been to London Hong Kong restaurant for lunch or dinner. But today as it was Bank Holiday we decided to re-visit their 02 Centre branch to have dim sum.

This place has a ‘grand’ and ‘glam’ kind of feel, with it crystal glass lighting on the gold painted ceiling. The whole restaurant is painted in black with the hint of gold combination. It has a Royal China restaurant feel to it, with the black theme.

There are two branches – on near Heathrow airport and another inside the O2 Centre on Finchely Road. For both branches, they have tanks which keep fresh fishes, lobsters and crabs. Children love going up there to watch the live seafood in the tanks. You can order any of them to cook – freshly cooked seafood!

They do have a variety of dim sum, from the familiar traditional dim sum to some chef’s special dim sum.

One of our favourite is the deep fried custard buns. You have them in most Chinese restaurant that served dim sums in the London, but not many do them shaped as a hedgehog.
Hedgehog shaped fried custard bun

Also, in the dim sum menu you will find a variety list of noodle or rice that you can have on top of the dim sum. We called the stir fried crab meat Eu-fun. This was nice and the crab meat was actually from a ‘real’ crab because there was still some little piece of crab meat shell. 

A dim sum that they sadly do not do anymore was the steamed custard dumpling. This was a chef’s special dim sum that you cannot eat anywhere. It made a nice steamed dessert dim sum. But it was more appealing because it was in a shaped of a rabbit (share with you a photo of it when we first had it a while back).

If you still have room in your stomach, you can also go on to have dessert. There is a variety of dessert to choose from including my favourite Mango Sago pudding (楊枝甘露).

Apart from the service was a bit slack today, the food quality has kept it standard. Next time if there was an oppotunity to go and try dinner at the 02 Centre branch. I have tried dinner at the Heathrow branch after landing in to UK and like the dim sum the food quality has a good standard.

London Hong Kong Resturant (東海)
London Heathrow branch
388 Bath Road
West Drayton

O2 Centre branch
Unit 3 O2 Centre
255 Finchley Road

Updated 11 July 09 – Unfortunately the O2 branch of London Hong Kong has now closed.


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