Cocoon (CLOSED)

It was a friend leaving do on Thursday and it was decided that she wanted to celebrate it at Cocoon, which is on one of the side road off Regent Street called Air Street. It is both a restaurant and a late lounge, which has been on my list to go for ages. Finally I have the chance to try it!

When you enter the doors of the restaurant you need to walk up the stairs to go to the reception which is where the restaurant is actual located. It was buzzing with people at around 8:30pm and many of the men and women there were very nicely dressed. But with the atmosphere and setting of the restaurant how could you not.

Throughout the restaurant it was dim lighted and it got darker around 10-ish which made it a great late lounge setting. I love the tables, because they were embedded with red and pink rose petals and set well with the whole atmosphere. I would say it was kinda romantic but not if you include the music which was very more on the club dance side.  The music playing throughout the restaurant was quite loud which conversations with others across the table difficult. But I think if you out there to chill then it is great.

It categorise its cuisines as Pan-Asian and from the menu you will find a mix of Japanese and Chinese food. There is a variety of choice of sushi, which also includes sashimi.
Tuna tataki with aji ponzu & jalapeño-infused oil

They also did some selection of tempura which was a mix between Japanese and Chinese cuisines. We ordered the Salt & seven pepper squid with Thai sweet chilli and the Soft shell crab with jalapeño mayonnaise. They were nice and is recommended.
Salt & seven pepper squid with Thai sweet chilliSoft shell crab with jalapeño mayonnaise

They also had a section of dim sum, which is a fusion combination as well. We choice Beef fillet & foie gras gyoza with honey infused teriyaki. This was different to the normal gyoza you would ususally have due to the filling with these.
Beef fillet & foie gras gyoza with honey infused teriyaki

Then for main (well there are no distinction between starters and main, because the waiter said everything we ordered were to come together or any time they was ready I suppose she meant) we went for the fish choice on that was on the menu – the Seabass with Chinese veg and shitakes and also the Baked black cod fillet with kinome miso & mirin glaze. I prefer the Seabass over the baked cod fillet as I felt the sauce spotted on the plate tasted a bit too weird for me.
Seabass with chinese veg and shitakeBaked black cod fillet with kinome miso & mirin glaze

After it was on to my favourite part of the course because it was dessert time! Instead of choosing individual desserts we decided to go for the Chef’s dessert selection which cost us £23.00. But this dessert was enough to share and offers a great taster of the dessert on offer. The selection included a bowl of variety of chopped fruits on ice, pistachio crème brulee, chocolate fondant, yogurt cake, coffee ice cream, mango sorbet and two unidentified desserts. One I think is pineapple that had some alcoholic mix to it and then a lychee kind of dessert.
Coccon Chef's dessert selection

All the food was nicely presented and the food was OK. Although only disappointing thing was we ordered Jasmine rice to go with our main and it was on the dry side. The service was not the best but maybe it could be the waiter who was serving us was not that friendly.

It did not come cheap eating at Cocoon, for two people we spent around £50 per a head which include drinks. But this really depend what you ordered as others in our group spent much less then that. However,  I have seen offers they do at lunchtime and they were suppose to have a 3 course set menu for £25. But it was not on any of the menus we were given. The only set menu that we saw was the £50 but the waiter said everyone on the table had to get it for us to get it.

I did not get the chance to try the cocktails but they have list of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails which are beautifully presented. So maybe another time.

65 Regent Street,
W1B 4EA,


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