Reindeer Cafe

In a previous entry ( about Wing Tai Chinese restaurant in Wing Yip (Staples Corner branch) supermarket, I explained the supermarket has had a renovation. Therefore you can find little unit shops in there now. After sharing with you Wing Tai Chinese restaurant, let me now write about the Reindeer Cafe that is also in Wing Yip supermarket.

Reindeer Cafe is like a Chinese “fast food” cafe but it is also a Chinese bakery. Therefore, you can buy various Chinese breads to takeaway or to eat in. As well as Chinese breads they also do egg tarts – with the butter pastry. They go quickly when everyone notice it has just come out of the oven and still piping hot.
Reindeer Cafe's egg tart

It is not just bread they sell, as a Chinese cafe they will also have various Chinese dishes e.g. Roast duck rice, roast pork rice, noodle etc. The best dish that I think they do out of the menu is the wonton noodle soup.

Reindeer Cafe's Wonton

Personally, it is not the best Chinese cafe which does hot Chinese food in London. Those in Chinatown are much better, but who would know what the future holds………..

Reindeer Cafe
Wing Yip
395 Edgware Road
Ground Floor/Unit 3


6 thoughts on “Reindeer Cafe

  1. The Reindeer Cafe at Wing Yip Staples Corner is generally great, but recently standards have been slipping. On a visit at the beginning of October 2010 my companion and I ordered Roast Duck and found it was unacceptably undercooked. Most of our dish was left chewed on the plate. Most recently I ordered what must be my favourite dish there, Mixed Meat Ho Fun. Usually this is perfect. Now we all know that Mixed Meat Ho Fun has in general, liver, squid, charsui, chicken and pork amongst other things. On this occassion mine came with crispy belly pork – except the crispy belly pork wasn’t crispy – it was soggy and unpleasant to eat. When I mentioned this to a waiter I was told that the chef said that for this dish he uses “whatever is available at the time”. It sounded and tasted to me like “left overs” from the previous day!! Very disappointing. If I wanted to throw something together with “whatever is available at the time”, I would stay at home and make bubble and squeek. I want fresh ingredients in a meal when I’m paying for it. Was I offered a replacement or my money back? No way – this is a Chinese restaurant with old fashioned Chinese values. Never Never say “No Charge Sir” Just say “sorry about that” and smile (if you’re lucky). The proprietor of this Cafe/Restaurant had better keep an eye on the standard of food served to his customers or he might not have very many, very soon.

    • I have visited The Reindeer Café a few occasions recently in the last few months and had their roast meat dishes including the roast duck, it seem fine during my visit. The last visit was in November which was a few weeks ago. I would not be sure on the Mixed Meat Ho Fun as I have not ordered them at the Reindeer café. The ingredients in a mixed meat dishes varies from one restaurant to another, but yes in general in the UK it is a mix of different meats and maybe seafood in it. When I had mixed meat and it does have crispy belly pork it is usually that the skin is soft and not crispy (how I like it though). For crispy belly pork with that crispy skin then suggest you best to have as roast meat rice. I would have thought that liver would be less often found in mixed meat in a London restaurant since not everyone are a fan. However, it so remind me of a Chinese version of a mixed meat dish.

  2. I love the roast bbq meat over rice in here as well as there singapore noodles. Crab & sweetcorn soup is also yum, The BBq pork buns do sell out quickly but if your lucky enough to purchase some, they are such a great treat. I Try and eat here once a week at least, and prices are not to bad. Definateley worth a visit !!

  3. I always craveee Chineese food and i LOVEE reindeer Cafee
    I alwayss pester my parentss to take me but i liveee quite farr awayy (40) mins awayy
    But its still to good 2 be trueee 😛 xxx

  4. I try to eat there once a week I am a vegan so I want food prepared freshly and not containing any animal products.I know its not a vegan place but it caters for me. I like gaillan with garlic and no oyster sauce,tofu in black bean sauce with bitter guord and chill’s this is an exquisite dish and rice and chinese tea, and then for my dessert red bean and coconut.I do speak mandarin dispite being a european and the service I get from the staff even when they are packed is second to none,,the girls and boys are efficient,respectful and kind, the bakery the take away all counters work well together, in my opinion the staff, the kitchen the whole lot service me better than any other establishment, even better and friendlier than places in the Far East where I have travelled exxtensively.I would urge you to go early for lunch.

  5. My favourite is rice with chicken and barbecue pork. Unfortunately, the meat portions are too small. It appears to be shrinking every time I order it. The advertised picture of a similar dish is misleading.

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