Alisan (CLOSED)

It has been a while since I have been to Alisan and been missing the place. So decided to go there for lunch to have dim sum today.
Bright white china set

Alisan is not like the more tradition Chinese dim sum restaurant. It is decorated simple and modern, that if you was not told and saw any menu, you would not even thought it was a Chinese restaurant. The dim sum menu also has a bit of varieties. You will still find some common well known dim sums like siu mai, har gau, char siu bai. But they also have some less seen dim sum, which makes me want to come here over and over again.

Pork and Prawn ShumaiGolden Seafood Roll

My favourite is their Deep Fried Prawn & Yam Pastry. I like the texture when I bite in to it – a soft crispy texture. The taste reminds me of plain crisps due to the yam that wrapped over the prawn.
Deep Fried Prawn & Yam Pastry

I remember the first time I tried Alisan, I love their Shanghai siew long buns (siu long bao). This is one of the restaurants that had made it to my list of places in London that are make nice siu long bao. The thin outside pastry but inside has loads of soup with the meat. Hold it at the top and you shake it – reminded me of a balloon full of water 🙂
Shanghai Siew Long Bun

There are some nice desserts that we do like, one is the Sweet Black Sesame Ball.
Sweet Black Sesame Ball

Also, the Mango pudding which are so nicely presented. I prefer the previous presentation of the Mango pudding then to the one that I had today – which was chopped grapes and chocolate button. Instead of the chopped strawberries and chocolate flakes.
Alisan's Mango pudding (1)Alisan's Mango pudding (2)

The restaurant is located right next to Wembley Stadium. I would make sure you check if there are any events held at Wembley Stadium such as matches before you go, as you will not be able to get there by car – as the access roads nearby will be closed off. But if not, then parking around the area should not be a problem.

The Junction
Wembley Retail Park
Engineers Way


2 thoughts on “Alisan (CLOSED)

  1. That place looks great, shame I live on the other side of London. Had my first soup-filled dumplings in Chinatown last week though – delicious!

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