Thai Square

Yesterday, we wanted to have Japanese at Ten Ten Tai or Japan Centre. But found that both restaurant was closed, so instead we went to Thai Square at the Trafalgar Square branch. Many people, especially students will know Thai Square for clubbing which is downstairs of the restaurants at this branch, but not been to dine.

I have been here a few times for dinner and it has a great romantic atmosphere. Dark dim light, with candles on each tables. Each of the waitress are beautifully dressed in a Thai gown which must be hard to move around serving food.

The menu comes in a hard plastic book case. You will find dishes to cater for everyone, becasue I remember coming here with a group of 7 on a busy Saturday night. I had individuals who could only eat seafood and vegetables, but we had no trouble finding dishes to cater for all. We ordered dishes such as: Gang Kiew Wan (Prawn Green Curry), Pla Rard Prik (Fish with Chilli), Tao Hoo Prik (Fried bean curd with chilli), Pad Priew Wan (Stir Fired Chicken in Sweet and Sour Style), Pad Thai with Prawns, Pineapple Rice (which came in a pineapple)…….

Yesterday, with not as many people we also had Gang Kiew Wan (Prawn Green Curry) along with Toa Hoo Pad Med Muang (Beancurd with cashewnuts), Pad Khing (Stir-fried beef with ginger) and Ped Palo (Duck with special gravy). Then we ordered some coconut, pineapple and steamed rice to have with it all.

This time the pineapple rice did not come in a pineapple and the portion was small. The rice was enough for one or two people.

Overall, as it was place I have been here before I would now say the food was OK. The presentation look as good as when I first came here.

The price to me is average for a Thai restaurant. Although, if I remember right it might be a bit more expensive then Elephant Royal or Thai Silk, but then this is the heart of London.

Thai Square (Trafalgar Square branch)
21-24 Cockspur Street,
Trafalgar Square,


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