Fire and Stone

Fire and Stone is a restaurant that serve pizza, which you can enjoy in modern, sleek clean interior setting. But this is not any pizza parlor in London, it has on its menu variety of funky pizzas. Each one named after a cities and the topping used on the pizza relate to the country.
Fire & Stone

My favourite pizza is Canberra (which is part of their Australia pizza range). It has chickens, roast potatoes, mozzarella with a tomatoes sweet chilli sauce base and with a slap of sour cream. The pizza base was soft and the whole combination was good. The sour cream made it great to use as a dip for my crust! Yummy!
Australia - Canberra

Other pizzas that I have tried are Africa – Cape town (this has peperoni and spicy beef), America – New Foundland (this has poached flaked salmon and salmon caviar – this remind me of sushi), Europe – Napoli (this has spicy smoked peperoni with tomatoes and black olives), Africa – Marrakech (this has lamb, raisins and mint yogurt sauce – this taste like a salad but nice)………..
Africa - Cape townEurope - Napoli

As well as pizzas, they also do a range of starters which at the time they had garlic pizza bread, fried calamari……..
Garlic pizza breadFried calamari

But my favourite is the Mediterranean antipasti plate, which make it great to munch away……..
Mediterranean antipasti plate

If there are still rooms after starters and main, then they have a list of desserts to indulge in. The ones I have tried are red wine poached pear pizza (served with vanilla ice cream and the warm waffles with hot chocolate sauce (served with vanilla & chocolate ice cream).
Red wine poached pear pizza, caramel base topped with vanilla ice creamWarm waffles with hot chocolate sauce, vanilla & chocolate ice cream

However, my best one is the Little chocolate cups with chocolate mousse, which is great to share.

Little chocolate cup with chocolate mousse

This is a reasonable price  restaurant with variety of offers that you can take advantage, which I usually go for. Offers can be found on their website and usually for when you book online.

Fire and Stone
31/32 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden


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