Pizza Hut

I have been craving a lot of food lately and pizza is one of them. Today, I finally get to have some pizza….well Pizza Hut is not my favourite pizza. But when craving goes then Pizza Hut’s pizza will do!

The menu has changed as it has more variety of pasta and even new drinks (mix juice drinks and smoothies). They are working on a more ‘healthy’ imagine, which is a good thing.

We ordered a platter which you can choose what you want. So we went for BBQ chicken wings, wedges, garlic bread with cheese and ciabatta bread (However, when it did come the waiter told us they had no ciabatta bread, so instead gave us more garlic bread with cheese. I would have prefer she told me before so I could pick something else, because it was too many dough).

Pizza Hut platter

For the pizza we went for the BBQ sauce base pizza, which came with chicken, bacon, onions and cherry tomatoes on a cheesy bites pizza base. The cheese they used has not changed…the “milky cheese” I call it because it taste so milky!

Why could they not do a smaller size cheesy bites pizza, becasue between 3 people we were unable to finish the pizza and had to take it away. It is all the dough and cheese that quickly really pack your stomach up quickly (we have small stomach :P).

I have to say the service at the Brent Cross branch is up and down. Today it took us sometime to find the waiter to get us the bill and when we did it never arrived – she forgot about it, as she was serving drinks for another table. In total we waited for 20 minutes for the bill to come, after she realised she forgotten to get it for us.

Pizza Hut (Brent Cross branch)
Hendon Unit S1 Mall 5,
Brent Cross Shopping Centre,


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