Hakkasan has been on my list of restaurants that I need to visit and finally I can tick it off. We decided to go out for dinner today and decided Hakkasan it would be!

The restaurant is located on an alleyway street and there was bouncer standing outside asking if we made a reservation. When we walked down the stairway, you could smell fragrance of incense. The smell reminded me of Busaba Eathai (another Alan Yau’s concept – will give you a review on this restaurant another time). Arriving downstairs was the reception where we could leave our coats.

A waiter took us to our table which was a nice quiet area of the restaurant. Menu was handed to us, along with the cocktail and wine list. Then we were asked before we had a chance to read the menu if we would like some water. This reminded me the same thing that happened at Saka no Hana (another Alan Yau’s concept – will give you a review on this restaurant another time as well). It is not free water, because you will get a bottle of mineral water (still/sparkle of your choice), which according to the bill are priced at £4.40 per a large bottle. But we knew that!

For starter the dim sum platter (which comes with scallop siu mai, har gau, chinese chive dumpling and shimeiji dumpling) and the salt and pepper squid.
Dim Sum platterSalt and pepper squids

For main we went for the Braised tofu claypot with Japanese mushroom in chilli and black bean, Stir-fry Mongolian style venison and the Jasmine tea smoked chicken. All three dishes were nice, especially the venison and the tofu claypot.
Braised tofu claypot with Japanese mushrrom in chilli and black beanStir-fry Mongolian style venisonJasmine tea smoked chicken

There are no rice or noodle listed in the menu, but we were asked if we wanted any rice. So we had steamed rice (priced £2.50), which came in the wooden pot that you would find at Busaba Eathai.

We ended our meal with dessert. The dessert menu was a booklet but that is because it contained a long list of alcohol, as well as variety of hot drinks. There was a lot of variety for dessert with recommended wine to go with it. We decided to choose different dessert each, to get to try as many we could.

We went for vanilla parfait, tapioca pudding and the chocolate mud pie. The vanilla parfait was tasty, to sum up all the ingredients on the plate would be an apple crumble. The tapioca pudding had great combination of ingredients with passion fruits and banana, as well as some caramel popcorn to go with it all.
Vanilla parfaitTapioca pudding

To go with it all, we called the Dragon Well green tea, that was part of the range of tea list in the dessert menu. It stated that this was a list of tea from Yauatcha. We called a pot for around £4.20 to share between us. There was some tea that was more expensive – I wonder what special about them?

Overall, we had a great dinner out at Hakkasan. The service was good, although I would prefer to be left alone with having my glass kept on being filled up again with more water. The large bottle of water really did not last long that we called a second bottle. However, overall it was friendly being my first time there.

I would expect to get excellet food and service, as it was expensive. For 3 people, we paid roughly around £45 per head (including service charges). Not bad I thought, as having read reviews that average would be £60-70 per head. But of course this depends how much you call and if you going to have cocktail/wine with it. Although, it might be that had a small stomach to fill up! But I think the amount we called was just right for 3 people.

It was not a disappointing visit, as it was when I went to Saka no Hana. I would defintely go again, maybe an oppotunity for another time to have just dim sum at Hakkasan for lunch.

8 Hanway Place,


2 thoughts on “Hakkasan

  1. The salt and pepper squid were definitely salty when I tried it. Defo not for those looking for a healthy option ;p

    I think the food alone was sort of expensive, you are paying a premium for the atmosphere. Definitely a place to just bring to impress friends and/or clients.

    • Well do not forget the service. I personally think the service the time I went was good compare to other places I have been to. There are places where you pay for service charge but get no service.

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