Tonkichi Japanese restaurant (日本吉列專門店餐廳)

My highlight of my holiday in Hong Kong at the end of last year has to be this restaurant. It is one I strongly recommend to try, but note that this is not a cheap restaurant to dine in. However it is in my opinion not as expensive as other places I have been to.

Tonkichi Japanese restaurant

This restaurant specizalise in eating Katsu food, so Katsu seafood or the most common, Katsu pork. The menu have various choice of set dinner for one two or even 3 people. It average about $200 (HK dollar) per person (just a little under but after service charge almost about that amount). The average set dinner you will get a Katsu dish which comes with rice, miso soup, lettuce and fruits as dessert.

The highlight of this place is eating Katsu here is different to other places, becasue here you are given a pesto with a bowl of seasme seed. What you have to do is to crush the seasme seeds, which you will smell the flavour coming out from the seed. I have to say this was fun, especially if you were in a angry mood, because what a good way to take out some of the anger with haha! Then you pour Japanese worcester sauce over it and bingo! – that is your sauce for your Katsu dish!

Crushing sesame seeds

Pesto bowl to crush sesame seeds

Worcester sauce with sesame seeds

Worcester sauce with sesame seeds

They offer a lot of sauces which the waiter/waitress are really friendly to advice what they are for. There is one which contains Japanese Worcester sauce that is use to pour in the seasme seeds. The other little potties that are sauces of your choice for the lettuce that come with you dish. I taste both – one was a light vingery sauce and the other was like a light terriyaki kinda sauce.

We ordered a set dinner for 2 which had Katsu Fillet Pork and Katsu Lion Pork. I changed one of my miso soup for a soya bean soup (basically a korean soya bean stewed soup) which came with pork and veg. This was really nice and brillaint to just have with rice on its own.

We also got a little plate of mustard wasabi and also a plate of salt. The salt was for our Katsu pork fillet, which the waiter explained is used to bring out the pork flavour. We tried it and the first thing popped in our mine was fish and chip flavoured 😛 So if you missing fish and chips in HK then how about try this instead!

In each set dinner you get a bowl of rice, but you can pay extra to get unlimited refill. The lettuce are no extra charge and you can get a refill, where a waitress will come around quite often to ask if you want any refill. Now that is another highlight!

Tonkichi Japanese restaurant

We ended our dinner with a plate of watermelon, which was great combination after eating all those fried porks. You will want something as refreshing as watermelon to go with it.

Although, katsu most of us would relate to pork but if you not fond of pork then you can always go for there prawns. They are really big prawns…huge ^.^ Maybe another time I can try that…..keke!

Tonkichi Japanese restaurant (日本吉列專門店餐廳)
412, Podium 4,
World Trade Centre,
280 Gloucester Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong


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