Domon札幌拉麵 (Domon Sapporo Ramen) – TST

I saw this being introduced on a Chinese food programme that it does ramen that taste like those in Japan. So when I was Hong Kong (HK), I gave this a try.

The resturants is on a side street off Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. We went there for dinner and when we arrived there was already a queue of people waiting. But it is a small restaurant, so it was not surprising that you would have to wait for a seat and to be prepared to share a table with others.

Domon札幌拉麵 (Domon Sapporo Ramen)Domon札幌拉麵 (Domon Sapporo Ramen)Domon札幌拉麵 (Domon Sapporo Ramen) menu

We went for a set menu for 2, which included a ramen noodle soup for each person. This was a Japanese char siu ramen that came with the set dinner, although you can pay extra for other choices on the main menu. Overall I have to say it taste like any other ramen I tried However still oishii oishii!

Japanese char siu ramen

With the set dinner, as well as the ramen, you also get a choice of snacks to go with it. We choice three snacks: Ox tongues, fish cakes and dumplings. The fish cake went well with the crushed ginger we got with it. The Ox tongues taste like salted beef, which was quite nice. The gyoza (grilled dumpling) was a recommendation, but as like the noodle it taste like any normal Japanese gyoza!


Domon 札幌拉麵 (Domon Sapporo Ramen)
22-22A Granville Circuit,
Granville Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong


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