Bodean’s BBQ (Soho)

I was looking back at where I have been eating over time and came across to Bodean’s BBQ restaurant review. We went to the one on Poland Street but they have many different branches in UK.

This place is American and when you walk in it feel so like it as well. It is a place for the meat eater and I have to say it is so unhealthy. But great when you want to binge eat once in a while and I am craving for something like this now.

We stayed upstair which had high chairs and it had canteen feel…..a very American restaurant feel. At the time we went the plasma tv was showing baseball…now that is American enough!

The menu felt American as well, there was range of burgers, hotdogs and then other meaty dish like baby back ribs, pork ribs etc. I went for one of he combos dinner which contain 1/4 Chicken, Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork and accompanied with fries and coleslaw.

It came on a tray and there was big slab dab of tomatoes mayo. As I am not a bone liker I gave the ribs a miss…that is too boney for me. But I dig into the chicken, which was OK but maybe overdone too much for my liking. The pulled pork was my favourite, along with the fries. I have to say the coleslaw was dry and the worse one I have tasted so far. Wow, maybe harsh but first impression always important, but I am not a person to not give it a second time. Although, I have not yet had the opportunity to……..

Bodean's BBQ combos dinner

Bodean’s BBQ (Soho branch)
10 Poland Street/16 D’Arblay Street,


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