Wing Tai restaturant

Wing Yip (Staples Corner branch) has recently had a big renovation. So now it is not just Wing Yip supermarket but there are now a hairdresser, cafe and also a restaurants called Wing Tai. Therefore, you can do your grocery and grab dim sums in the same location.

The restaurants opened at the end of December and I have heard a lot of mix review about it. I myself do have mix comments about Wing Tai. Having been there a few times for lunch and dinner, I would consider the food to be OK (it is a lot better then other places). But I really do think their quality of service needs to improve – there are many times when we are looking around for a waiter to get some service in refilling teapot or needing chilli oil.

There are many dim sums on their menu that I do like and there are of course some dim sums which I do not like…prefer them at other places. They serve the more typical dim sums that you find in most Chinese restaurants, such as Siu Mai, Har Gau, Char Siu Bao, Cheung Fun, Custard egg tarts etc…..

The dinner menu have some nice dishes but it is only nice when they get it right. However, the prices for both dinner and dim sums is expensive. Much more expensive then if I go to restaurants in London China Town. There was not much speciality to charge food that high compare to other local place around north west London.

But one thing that I think that is recommended is their roasts, such as the Roast Duck or their crispy pork.
Roast Platter
This restaurants have potential if they can get the food at a constant good standard, busy or not busy. As well to improve their service.

Wing Tai restaturant
Unit 2,
Wing Yip Business Centre,
395, Edgware Rd, London,


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