Plum Valley (梅花村)

I have heard a lot about Plum Valley, through friends and reading review about it. So I thought I try it myself, having always wonder about this mysterious looking restaurants.

It is located on the main street of China town, but it stand out with it all black and modern look of the outside building.

The dim sum at Plum Valley is OK. They have more unique dim sum then the average Siu Mai and Har Gau. We chose to have: Whiskers black cod (that came with a mango sauce dipping), Wasabi prawn dumpling, Black cod dumpling that cam with a bits of caviar, Foie Gras iu Long Bao, Green Tea steamed cake (Ma Lai Go), Coconut pastry with ice cream…….

We ordered a mixture of the unique dim sum as well as the average ones, such as Egg tart, deep fried custard bun, pan fried turnip and Char siu pastry.
Char Siu PastryGreen Tea 馬拉糕

Maybe becasue of providing ‘unique’ dim sum and presentation, that they feel that they can over-price the food. If I remember right, apart from some of the tea prices, there was no dim sums that was prices anything below £2. Most dim sums had the price tag of about £3. For four people and 14 dim sums it came to a total of £15 per person, which is expensive.

Personally, I felt I would spend my money at Royal China. Their menu have more tradition dim sums, as well as some monthly chef speciality. The taste, presentation and service at Royal China does not usually disaapoint me.

Plum Valley interior decoration was beautiful though. It keeps the theme it had outside, which has a sleek and modern Chinese decor feel. This modern design has become popular now a day for the new age resturants.
Plum Valley
They have a long list of different tea to choose from, starting at a price of £1.90 for Po Lei to some more expensive at around about £4 per person. We all went for the Jasmine Lotus, which was a flower bud, that blossom in to a flower when hot water poured over it. This was the same priced as Po Lei and as you still get a pot of water that was free refilled, then why not.

Overall, Plum Valley would not be my daily dim sum place because of the price. But it is nice to try dim sums a little more exciting but I would not expect too much from it.

Plum Valley (梅花村)

20 Gerrard Street,




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