Leong’s Legend

Time fly quickly it only felt like yesterday when it was Chinese New Year. This year was a memorable one because it was snowing. It was freezing cold roaming around China town when UK was holding their Chinese New Year event on 2nd Feb 2009. But it was pretty watching snow flakes dropping from the sky.

It was crowded with people that day, that we had to queue outside in the cold for a seat at Leong’s Legend. A place that friends have told me it was nice, so I had finally got the chance to try.

The decoration inside felt like I have gone back in time.


The food was OK la, not everything on the menu was that good, but we only had dim sum. We were caught on their Bird Nest Egg Tart 🙂
Bird Nest Egg Tart

But at Leong’s Legend then you have to try their Siu Long Bao.
Siu Long Bao

I would have liked to try some of their other rice and noodle dishes. Maybe next time…..

Leong’s Legends
4 Macclesfield St,


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