I want to first share with you one  of my favourite cake place in the London. That has to be Yauatcha, one of Alan Yau enterprised creation. But now as from what I have read in the press it has been sold on.

But having recently gone in to buy some cake, the atmosphere and the cakes has not changes. Still the cakes are beautiful presented. As before,the waiter still package them nicely in a box and ribbon. The only thing is that the price I have seen it increase over time.

It always take me ages to pick which of the mini cakes I want to buy and always need the waiter to tell me what is in each one. But they are always friendly to take time to help explain the ingredients in each one.

They always have a mini cake that I have not tried, along those they regulary have. But still missing those cake that I had a few years ago – Lychee and Raspberries, Pineapple and Pistachio. Both I have not seen since that very first time when I bought my very first Yauatch cakes.

Yauatcha cake

15 Broadwick Street,


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